Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Endings - Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby's birthday. So, today I made a cake.

She was 19 as of 5:42 a.m. She asked me this morning how I remember the exact time they (my girls) were born. It's easy, life changing events leave impressions on you, like the death of John Lennon, the day the Discovery Challanger exploded, and 9-11. Besides, I was in labor for over 24 hours; I was counting the minutes.

I made a butter cake because she wanted it.

I also made butterscotch pudding and vanilla buttercream icing. But first, I had a fight with my mixer.

It threw a mesauring cup at me!

It won.

I used two boxes of cake mix and baked them in Wilton 8 inch round, three inch deep pans. After letting them cool overnight, I split each into two layers. Between each those layers I spread a thin coating of the icing and piped a rim around the edge to hold in the filling. Then I added the butterscotch pudding. The entire cake got a crumb coat to hold all the tiny bits and pieces in place. The hard part was letting the cake sit for about 30 minutes before covering the whole sha-bang with frosting and smooshing grated white chocolate on the sides and sprinkling it on the top. I finished the cake by adding a border at the top and bottom.

Today, she's 19. She loves music, going to the movies, reading, dogs, her friends, her phone, and soccer. She very independent; I love that about her. But there are still days when she needs her mom; I love that about her too. She's in college now. She's going to be a teacher.

I think she's amazing.

Except for the fact that she's convinced I was at Woodstock.

Happy Birthday Cate, I love you to the sun and back!

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