Friday, October 1, 2010

this is not my first blog

Raise you hand if you've ever been undecided about what you really want?  Or you've gotten what you thought you wanted, and it didn't work for you?

I'm raising both arms while standing my head waving my legs too - just so you know.  

It all started with this blog right here, which started as a cooking/baking blogs for my daughters, my grandchildren, and me.  I was my way of connecting with them, while I was miles away. 

It began to morph into something else.  Something other than cooking, or baking. 

Things evolve, it's the natural order of life.  We grow, we outgrow, we move on.  We take with us.

So, this is my new blog, but my old blog will not be ignored, she'll show up as a speacial guest, I'm certain. She's my baby, I could I turn away from her?