Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let there be .. Light!

So I'm thinking of doing some re-decorating in my home.  I've done some things, but I'm talking major room make-over, baby! 

Away, cutesy, coziness.  In with fresh, crisp, and a bit modern.

Psst .. I have other projects going on and I'll share when they are done.  I promise.

No really, I promise.

My idea is this ..

1. Headboard - I want to visit our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and get some things to make a headboard for my bed.  No, I do not have a headboard.  Yes, I have to fish out my pillows at least once during the night.  So annoying!

2.  Textiles - I'm scouring for some amazing fabric to jazz some simple panel curtains in the bedroom (just a strip of fabric) and maybe I'll make a matching duvet cover and some pillow cases.  We just aren't sham kinda people.  And, I'm sewing skillz are rusty ... and limited.  I'm going to make up for that with passion though.

3. Paint - I'm going to paint, duh ....

4. Dressers - I don't know there.  I'm dying to find a decently-made worn dresser on Craigslist, or at a thrift store (feel free to translate that to cheap) and refinish or paint it.  I'm also toying with just panting what I have currently.  Or!  I'm thinking of just buying a nice low long dresser for the room and being done with it. 

5.  Closets - Doors would be nice.

6. Lighting - I want to try turning my bed on the diagonal between the two windows of the bedroom and hanging one of these charming little beauties smak-dab in the middle of the bed, or up at the head .. or maybe, that's a bit too weird.  One on either side?

Now, seriously, isn't it obvious which one it will be?

You don't need to spend top dollar for a high end look.

Just sayin', but that's me.

Did you ever find that one thing that just started the ball rolling? 

I once re-painted my entire kitchen because my color scheme wouldn't allow me to use these adorable penguin themed Christmas tins I found on clearance.  Then I only put them out that one year.

Yes, I'm nuts like that; just ask my girls.

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